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Raúl is a photographer and videographer based out of Philadelphia. He works to deliver stage and event photos that emphasize negative space, context, and energy.

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My Story

My journey from hobbyist to artist has been of managing high expectations with volume delivery. When I'm not shooting, I am working as a CRM consultant, behind my computer doing edits, or learning new media editing skills. 

Favorite Part of an Event: Knowing in the moment that the shot I'm taking will be a profile picture. It always feels astounding that I can shoot and deliver quality photos, and the feeling always inspires awe. 

My personal favorite photo is from the Mi Casa, Tu Casa Tour:

Becky G performs at the Coliseum at the Arizona State Fair

Becky G at Arizona State Fair Mi Casa Tu Casa RGBTV by Raul Larsen October 14, 2023 RAL_28

Raúl's Portfolio

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